Tammy Cercone, LCSW

Tammy Gland Cercone, LCSW, LACS-A
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Specialty: Working with adults, elderly. Substance use, depression, anxiety, and homelessness.
Licensed Date: 3/16/2007, LCSW
Medical School: I received my master’s degree in social work from Eastern Michigan University


Most of my career has been working in community settings. It is one of the most rewarding experiences yet the most challenging sites I have ever worked in. The patients are diverse and a unique group of people.  Patients have a real sense of community and they are strong and resilient in their own ways and challenge me to be a better clinician. The community consists of people who come from all varieties and walks of life, with unique experiences, strengths, and attributes. I have also found that most staff members at CMHCs are passionate, caring, and empathic individuals who truly care about the clients they work with. I learn a lot from our patients which helps me grow as a clinician.

I love to ride my bike, kayak, and take my two dogs for a walk on the beach.

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