Dr. Mayra Alicia Overstreet Galeano, MD

Dr. Mayra Alicia Overstreet Galeano, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Specialty: Family Medicine Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine
Licensed Date: June 2014
Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

When I applied to medical school I knew I wanted to work in a community health center setting.  I wanted to practice medicine in a place where I could provide comprehensive care while working with patients and communities regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.  I spent my first ten years in Nicaragua where I lived a remote, financially under resourced community before my family had to move because of a civil war.  We moved to eastern Tennessee in Appalachia which was similarly under resourced.  I have grown up in communities like that served by community health centers.

I moved to North Carolina at age 18 for college and then worked with the Children’s Environmental Health Initiative for nearly 10 years on environmental research which helped to address environmental justice issues before starting medical school at the University of North Carolina School Of Medicine at Chapel Hill. I did my residency at Oregon Health and Science University followed by a faculty development fellowship.  I was happy to be able to return to North Carolina.  In all these places, I found comfort in the outdoors and serving my community. Both my personal and professional experiences have helped me appreciate the role that families and communities have in determining health outcomes. I hope to empower patients from across a spectrum of backgrounds to make good health decisions, serving as an adviser. I am always learning from my patients as well.

What are some of the things I am passionate about outside of work?

  • Healthy environment: I understand the impact the environment has on my health and that of my community.   I am passionate about doing what I can to protect our environment.
  • Community Organizing:  I am a member of VOYAGE Community Council focused on North Side Wilmington and enjoy working on community organizing and health promotion and education
  • Active Lifestyle: I commute by bicycle as much as possible and enjoy time outdoors.  I relax with dancing, playing soccer, and running.
  • Cooking: My grandmother used to take me to work with her at a restaurant where I learned to love all types of cooking.
  • International Outreach: When possible, I like to participate in international outreach work that focuses on building local capacity and I get to benefit from learning from those who I work with as well.
  • Languages: English, Spanish


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