Laura Schultz, CNM

Laura Schultz
Specialty: Certified Nurse Midwife
Licensed Date: 1998
Northeastern University, BSN, Undergraduate Nursing Degree
Medical University of South Carolina, MSN, Master’s Degree in Nursing, Midwifery
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Master’s Degree in Public Health, 2017

Nurse midwives have a long tradition of practicing in the community setting, particularly those with few health care providers. Although nurse midwives are associated with delivering babies, more than half work primarily in community clinic settings in reproductive health, prenatal care and patient education. I enjoy working where I live and raise my family. It helps me understand much more about the women I care for when I can be part of events that impact us all. I love the prenatal care part of my job because I have always considered it a privilege to care for families during one of the most important and memorable times of their lives. It is also a great time to build a mom’s confidence and help her understand that she and her family can create the best environment for their child.

I am originally from New Hampshire and I still love to go hike in the woods and up mountains with my husband, son and daughter. Traveling with them are some of the best times. My husband was an exchange student in the Netherlands, so we have traveled back to see his host family and they treat us like one of them, though I will never learn to speak the language. I love just being in Wilmington too! I enjoy the local running races with the beautiful Southeastern NC scenery. I love food and have learned to cook all kinds of southern foods that I wouldn’t have recognized as a kid in New England. We are also huge movie buffs and love living in a city that serves as film set and offers many opportunities for film festivals and offbeat movies.

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