Jarrell McQueen MSW, LCSW

Jarrell McQueen MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Associate Licensed Date: Fall 2021
School: UNCW
pecialty: Working with adults, MAT, substance use/recovery, addictions and eating disorders, depression, anxiety, homelessness


When I first came to Wilmington for college, I began in a track directed within criminal justice and sociology. Following graduation, I spent time within the criminology graduate program, and I found myself continuing roles within community engagement throughout my time there. My own studies had delved into intergenerational incarceration, but I wanted to do more than research. I had wanted to be with people in need and provide what help I can. As I transitioned to a social work, I utilized my background to apply a multi-disciplinary approach that has persisted within my current practice. I began my story at MedNorth in 2019 and have been truly blessed to have been able to grow with such a motivated team. On all levels of the patient care I provide; I intend to serve my best role within an individual’s wellness goals. The growth I’ve had within my own professional and personal life have been strong supports to encourage my role, and I am proud to serve to the best of my ability within our ever-growing community.

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