Advaita Zamora-Duprey MSw, LCSW

Advaita Zamora-Duprey MSw, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Trauma informed therapy can sound scary. We as human beings develop all kinds of defenses and ways of avoiding difficult things we have lived through. A lot of times, our resilience and ability to learn from the past allow us to process these things and incorporate new ways of viewing ourselves and the world around us that can help us move forward in our lives. However, sometimes we experience difficult things and, for one reason or another, are not equipped to process them at the time. These unresolved memories can either cause or make worse some of the beliefs, ways of thinking, and behaviors we adopt to cope that may no longer be helpful in our day-to-day life. I am specially trained in helping you get to the place where you can face these things that have happened, process them, and incorporate new information that helps you live a happier and more efficient life. Number one rule, you are not allowed to talk about anything you do not want to talk about. Effective therapy should be at your pace and should address your individual needs, as well as respect your boundaries and current limits. So, if you need a sensitive, trauma-informed professional to help you sort through some of these difficult things you have lived through, we are happy to receive you at MedNorth and help you achieve your medical and mental health goals.

What are some of the things you are passionate about outside of work?:
Food, my kitty, music, volleyball, anime, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, Latinx, and immigrant-related advocacy.

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